Key features in Home Security Systems

Home security has evolved over the years, from the use of dog straight to the technology. The security technology has also evolved since its inception to offer different features that result in different home security systems and security options. Some are sophisticated and others are just simple. Here is the rundown on some of the features found in security systems:

  • The Master Control Panel

Every automated home security system needs to have a master control panel to work; the master control panel is the brain of the system. The system consists of sensors, cameras, among other components are connected to master control to feed it with the current security status in the home.

  • Backup Power Supply

A reliable backup power supply is an important feature in a home security system, without it the system would be worthless if the main power goes out. The best type should have an automated start that switches it on immediately in cases of a power outage. Furthermore, the power backup option should have a re-chargeable battery.

The above features are very critical features that any good home surveillance and security system should have. They give relevance to the other components in the system. Here are the features of some standard components of home security systems:

  • Wireless or Wired System

A wireless home security system is as efficient as a wired system; the only reason wireless becomes a common choice for many is because its presentation – no visible wires. In addition, the component in a wireless security system such as sensors and cameras can be place in the discrete areas hidden from plain view. The wired system is also efficient, but the wiring is a drawback that can also be its weaker point; for instance, if a burglar cuts the wires, the system is affected. Nevertheless, the installation should be done in a manner that ensures the wires are not visible.

  • Sensors

The use of sensors is vital because of its sophisticated way of detecting any intruders in your home. Some systems use simple sensors and other use high advanced sensors. The sensors are often placed at the gate, doors, and windows; however, some homes have sensors places around the compound. The sensors are designed to detect motion and sound. For instance, a sensor on the door or window can detect when the door or window is opened while some highly sophisticated type of sensors can even detect any sounds in the house and can sense the sounds of a broken window glass. The good thing about the sensors is that their sensory function can be set to a certain degree. Not too high and not too low is often the best.

  • Cameras

Cameras are the most common feature that many people know about home security systems. These gadgets are the important addition to the system because they bring in the visual aspect of monitoring. Some cameras are tiny and had to locate while others are huge. The cameras come with different functions with some have night vision and others infrared. Some systems have a network of cameras that only capture videos. The best types are those that have a microphone making them able to capture sound.

  • Fire Detectors

While most people generally think that home security systems are all about watching over intruders, the home face different dangers and these include fire. A good security system should include some fire detectors around the house.

  • Keypads

A sensible security system should come with at least two or three keypads that can be used to activate and deactivate the system when a person leaves and returns home. The keypads can be put at the main entrance door, back door, and the master bedroom. Some highly sophisticated home security systems use a portable activation device to control the features in the security system or the entire system. Today’s systems even allow you to remotely control your home security systems from your cell phone.

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