Home Security Tips for All Home Owner

Keeping your home safe and secure from burglars, fires and other external forces should be every homeowner’s top priority. Although most people take simple things such as leaving keys in the lock for granted, it would be advisable to keep your house keys in a safe place. In addition to this, you should at least ensure the security systems installed in your house are in good condition and working properly. Outlined below are several home security tips to help you keep your home safe.

Examine the house’s exteriors

The first step to securing your home is by ensuring the exterior doesn’t give way to the house or property. Watch out for broken windows, broken door hinges and ensure the garage door is working properly. Many people neglect their garage door until it is completely broken down. Burglars and intruders can hide in the garage then intimidate you at night.

Ensure doors and windows are well secured

The best way to ensure window and door locks are in good condition is by having a qualified locksmith examine them. The locksmith should be allowed to examine both exterior and internal doors in bedrooms, the garage and conservatories to ensure the appropriate locks are installed. If any of the locks are faulty, they should be replaced immediately to meet your insurance requirements.

Have security surveillance installed if possible

Having surveillance cameras installed around and in the house is a wise idea as well. The good thing with surveillance systems in the market today is that, they can be controlled remotely. You can also see whatever is going on in your house through your phone, tablet or even computer. Anyone with an ill-intention for your home will most definitely quit on seeing the surveillance cameras.

Install back and front door sensor lights

Although dusk to dawn lights may help repel thieves; these can attract higher energy bills. The best alternative to this is by having motion sensors installed to automatically control the security lights. Whenever the sensors detect any movement, the lights will switch on automatically thus deterring any potential thieves and intruders.

Install security alarms

Security alarms are essential for maximum security. The security alarm installed should be capable of contacting a security firm or the police in case of an incident. Although most homes have security alarms installed, many homeowners rarely change the code. This makes it easy for thieves to use the generic code. Consider changing the code regularly to avoid this.

Use bars and Grilles to protect windows

Most burglars take advantage of side windows to gain entry into many homes. Although your insurance may cover this, it would be advisable to take the initiative to have bars and decorative grilles protecting the windows. If possible, consider investing in reinforced glass for added security.

Only hire a licensed locksmith

Locksmiths are capable of manipulating virtually any security system in most homes and offices. This is the reason why authorities emphasize using only licensed and certified locksmiths when installing locks or changing the same. Only locksmiths with a verified certificate of good conduct are certified, meaning you should be safe using them. Nonetheless, hiring any other locksmith you find in your neighborhood can put your home in danger.

Have smoke and fire detectors installed

Nothing traumatizes more than finding your home in flames and there’s nothing you can do. Although very few residential fires are reported, it doesn’t mean your home is immune to fires. Although all the other home security tips may seem more crucial and important, protecting your home from fires is of utmost importance. Thieves or burglars may be able to steal a few of your valuables, residential fires consume almost everything in your home including the valuables burglars are unable to access.

The home security tips discussed above should help boost security in your home and keep your loved ones plus valuables safe. All the tips outlined are equally important.


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