Home Invasion

Enhancing Your Security against Home Invasion

The typical home burglar cannot be likened to a home invasion robber. The average home burglar fears confrontation that will prefer working when there is nobody at home. The thief will look for the easiest point of entry and can work with a partner or alone. Anything that can alert people of an invasion in the home will deter the burglar. However, the installation of sturdy locks, door, and windows is also an added measure that will deter the burglar.

A home invader is a bolder burglar, for the invader can come in even when the home in occupied. The main strategy the robber will first to take control of the occupants before proceeding to take control of the residence. As such, a home invader will work with a team that can consist of two or more people.

Both scenarios give a picture of the ways that robbers can invade the home. While some invaders will take flight at the slightest rise of an alarm – the typical robber, the more brazen type will often make a stand to confront any person in the home they invade. In fact, an invasion can be happened without anyone expecting. For instance, it might be some knocking at the door only to turn out to be a burglar once the homeowner opens the door to welcome the guest.

Given such statistics, it has, now more than ever, become critical to consider taking the necessary preventive measures that will curb home invasions. Here are some handy tips worth considering that will help you have the right preventive measures in place.

  • Avoid public display of your property. It is okay to share with your family and friend about the various new things you bring in or are doing for your home. It is better to keep your things private and the knowledge thereof only to a select few.
  • Keep watch of people around you. If you are walking or driving home, and you believe someone is following, do not head straight back rather take a different route. The best option would be head to the police.
  • Always make sure that your home is fitted with the relevant home surveillance and security system options. Furthermore, ensure that you have solid doors that have sturdy locks and deadbolts, making sure the same are done to your windows. Keep all door and windows close at all times, even when you are at home especially during the night. Always leave your security system on when you leave the home and still have the garage door, main door, and windows locked as you step out of the house.
  • Never assume the effectiveness of having a peephole in your door. Yes, adding chain-latch locks on your door is a good protective measure; they are not always that effective. Nevertheless, both are a good way of keeping any unwanted persons from entering your home. You will always need to ask the person at the door to identify himself or herself, and then peep through the peephole to confirm before you remove the chain-latch locks to open the door.
  • Always have window blinds or curtains on your windows and doors that have plain clear glass panes. Leaving them open is like an open invitation sent to home invaders to start planning for their work. Keeping the blinds or curtains closed at night and use blinders during the day.
  • Try to make it look like there is someone always at home. Keep a few lights on in two or three rooms. If might not be as effective when dealing with the more brazen home invaders, but it helps.
  • Above all else, always consider protecting your life first before protecting your property – your life is worth more. Do not try to be a hero when invaders come knocking. Attempt to hide in a safe place and notify the local authorities of the home invasion.
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