Tips on Securing Your Home against Burglary

Tips on Securing Your Home against Burglary

Any burglar will not find your home an easy mark if they will be forced to take a lot of time trying to break in, to work in the light, or if they cannot break in to your home without making lots of noise. Recent studies show that if it take a burglar more than five minutes to get into a home, then it is very likely that the thief will choose to go elsewhere.

The interesting is that most insurers are willing to provide anywhere from 2% to 15% discount for devices that make your home safer. However, it is important that you do not exchange your security for personal safety when it comes to home security. As such, it is essential that you not make your home such a citadel that escaping from it in case of an emergency is impossible. So here are some simple but effective tips for you to consider when thinking of securing your home against burglars or burglary.


Your home’s doors, be they garage doors or any other doors, are the main access points to the house. It is therefore essential to ensure that you have really strong doors installed in place. Make sure that all your outside doors are made from solid hardwood or metal and at least 1¾ inches thick. The frames to your doors should also equally be made from strong material and all your doors should fit their frames well and securely. Even the most efficient and strongest locks placed in weak doors cannot deter burglars from gaining entry into your home.


When it comes to securing your home against burglary, then the locks you use will matter a lot and deadbolt locks are without a doubt the best to go for. These locks are normally locked from the outside using a key and from the inside using a thumb turn. The lock’s cylinder, which is where your key is inserted, should be and is normally pick-resistant. When getting a deadbolt lock, it is important that you go for only reputable brands or consider approaching a locksmith for the best advice on which lock system to get.

Home Security Systems

Another great option when it comes to securing your home against burglary is installing home security systems. A home security system comes in handy in protecting your home as they are often digital and modern systems are smart. The benefits of using home security systems are quite many. For instance, most systems have silent warning options where they notify you and the relevant authorities of any break in without alarming the burglar. This makes it easier to capture the culprits in action, especially when you are not around at the time of the break in.


It is essential that you consider using key locks on all your windows; and the great thing is that there are key locks for almost any type of window. For any windows that are facing the street or next to fire escapes, it is crucial for you to install a metal accordion gate.

When it comes to securing your home against burglary, you do not have to go over board to accomplish much. However, you need to ensure that you take all the necessary measures that will make it harder for the burglar to gain access to your home. The above are some effective ways that you can make it harder for them to do exactly that. Consider working out the following and enjoy better security. At the same time, consider approaching a security expert for home security advice and tips.

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