Frontpoints Home Security Solutions

When it comes to the home security sector, Frontpoints is quite a familiar name. This is probably because the company provides a wide variety of home security solutions that include the following:

  • Sirens
  • Smoke and Heat Detectors
  • Motion Detectors
  • Door and Window Sensors
  • Wireless Keys
  • Asset Protection Devices
  • Outdoor Motion Sensors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Glass-break Detectors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Flood Sensors

Based in McLean, Virginia, Frontpoint Security Solutions is the only security dealer that offers 100% wireless services at no extra charge. With a wireless system, their clients are able to control their security systems from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet-enabled device such as a computer or cell phone.

So as to cater for a wide range of customers, the company offers various packages which include the following:

Protection Monitoring Package

This basic level features the following:

  • 100% wireless monitoring
  • Burglar and intrusion protection
  • Fire protection
  • Environmental protection to detect water damage
  • Line safety protection
  • GSM/cellular monitoring
  • 24 hour availability every single day of the year

Interactive Monitoring

Interactive monitoring is the next level offered by Frontpoint security providers. This package enables you to interact with your security system from anywhere in the world as long as you have a Smartphone or any other internet-enabled device such as a laptop. The package offers the same features as the basic level but with a higher level of protection that features the following:

  • Offered at $42.99
  • Instant security alerts
  • Remote alarm system access
  • Advanced pending alarm
  • 24 hours availability every single day of the year

Ultimate Monitoring

The ultimate monitoring package is Frontpoint’s most expensive security package that goes for $49.99 per month. It offers all features in the protection and interactive packages but with an additional level of protection. The following are some of the features in this package:

  • Wireless security video for remote/distant viewing
  • Remote home light management
  • Remote door locking and unlocking
  • Thermostat/home temperature management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • GEO phone interaction that can even alert you if you have forgotten to lock any doors
  • 24 hors availability every single day

The remote video feature has captivated a lot of Frontpoint’s clients since it allows them to watch the activities going on in and around their properties. This works very well for those who have Blackberries, iPhones, Android Apps and all internet-enabled devices. The cameras in this wireless system are available from $179.99- $399 according to the type.

The interactive monitoring also enables clients to send alarm and motion activated clips through MMS and Email on a schedule that they can customize to suit their needs. It is also possible to control the home security system via an iPhone, blackberry and any other mobile phone as long as it is internet-enabled. This means that you can arm/disarm, put the lights on or switch them off and perform many other security functions via your phone.

The instant security alerts feature is also accessible via mobile phones or devices and also offers alarm and non-alarm activities via email or SMS. Alarms offer a great value if you have a smaller home or residence and cannot afford wireless video monitoring. Frontpoint’s advanced pending alarm feature offers an extra layer of security that sends out pending alarm signal notifications to your monitoring device immediately until an authorization comes from you.

This home security solutions provider utilizes high quality wireless sensors to communicate with your control panel via a proprietary frequency. This is the same frequency that was once used by military systems and is therefore far much effective than the normal consumer radio frequency that is used by most security providers.

The company asks for an upfront fee of around $32.99 for the wireless window and door sensors, and $89.99 for the wireless heat sensors. While it is true that this fee is a bit on the higher side when compared with the wired sensors, the customers end up saving more seeing that when combined, the costs of installation and the wired sensors are far much higher than the total costs of the wireless system. A wireless system can be easily installed by you as the customer in less than 30 minutes; this saves you the labor fee involved in the wired sensors.

In a nutshell, Frontpoint’s home security solutions are not only affordable, they are extremely flexible, easy-to-install and above all, highly dependable.

Frontpoints Home Security Solutions
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