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ADT is a great option for those who desire a well-recognized name in the home alarm industry.  With over 100 years of experience and millions of customers


Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, ADT started as a telegraph company in 1874 but became more immersed in protection services with the invention of the call box. The alarm system provider has been in existence for 140 years and flaunts it’s the most trusted name in the home security industry.



Every ADT monitoring package comes standard with 24/7 protection.  The Home Health plan, which is for medical emergencies only, comes with a decent cost of $34.95 a month. The basic Home Security package sells for a reasonable price starting at 35.99 a month but includes optional equipment choices.  The Control package starts at $49.99 a month and is for consumers who want energy management and thermostat control.  The Video is the company’s most expensive package with a price starting at $57.99 a month and it includes one wireless indoor video camera or one thermostat for enhanced security. Installation costs average between $100 and $400 but ADT offers rebates and specials on some installation prices.


ADT uses Honeywell as one of its manufacturers for equipment and has a standard to send a technician out to homes for professional installations. ADT’s significant equipment includes window/door sensors, motion detectors, lamp modules, indoor color cameras for monitoring, safety devices in case of a medical emergency and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The equipment comes with an extended limited warranty. ADT offers an extensive line of optional equipment for add-ons.


Review Summary:
Time waits for no home security company, not even for an abounding, well-uniformed company like ADT. Yet, it’s difficult to believe that the company has been around for over a century. ADT is the largest alarm system company in the U.S. and Canada and serves more than six million business and residential customers. The company has six monitoring centers and employs nearly 16,000 employees. Unlike other home security companies such as FrontPoint, LifeShield and Protect America that tout a more do-it-yourself approach with installations, ADT representatives are very involved in the process of securing your home from beginning to end.


For most of the information on prices, equipment and services, you have to look at the terms and conditions section on ADT’s website. You may also need to contact a representative to get some answers on costs and this may be a hesitation to those who want to avoid any sales approach when shopping around. The home security equipment choices are modern and diverse including devices like medical alerts, remote locks controls, thermostat monitors and live security videos. The company offers protection plans for home alarm systems from basic to advance. The prices for monitoring services range between $34 and $58, but you can definitely find cheaper deals with companies such as Protect America and LifeShield. ADT’s security equipment selection is not 100% wireless and some components need to be hardwired. The hefty installation fees will be a major downer for some consumers who would prefer to forego these costs.


ADT has received some poor reviews in the past regarding customer service. The company provides several ways to get support including by phone, live chat, email and Twitter.


ADT is the best known home security system dealer in the country and has protected millions of homes. However, despite its popularity the company doesn’t make our top list due to its steep installation and monitoring service prices and their customer support leaves something to be desired. Nevertheless, the company’s strengths in modern alarm system technology and equipment keep its foot in the competition.

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